Seven Stars & Orion(March 2020)

Seven Stars & Orion

Released: March 2020

Seven Stars & Orion embarks on a development taken from the opening track of The Peculiar Treasure of Kings album. A focus on distinct harmony, and melody combined with a more approachable instrumentaton this album highlights the compositional style of Lessons From The Dreamtime. Jesse reached out to an old multi-instrumentalist friend Thomas Rowell to provide additional instrumentation on a few songs and the results were spectacular. This album marks the first release from LFTDT to be released by the indy label Fluttery Records.

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The Peculiar Treasure of Kings (Oct 2019)

The Peculiar Treasure of Kings

Released: Oct 2019

Following up Anticipatience LFTDT released The Peculiar Treasure of Kings their third studio album. This album has arangments written around the Cassini recordings of the planets, a chorus of frogs and features cello playing by Rufus Cappadocia.

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Anticipatience (April 2019)


Released: April 2019

Building from THE BRIDGE (2017) LFTDT centers their second album around a string quartet buried in atmosphere, world percussion and electronics. Featuring Tony Levin, Alex Acuna, Brahim Fribgane, & the voice of Kendall Flores the Anticipatience album is a musical dream come true for founder Jesse Maddox. Sign up for the mailing list to hear exclusive previews & get free download codes. Keep an eye out for the American tax day April 15th for the offical release.

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The Bridge (March 2018)

The Brdige

Released: April 2018

THE BRIDGE (2018) LFTDT debut album is an experiment in atmosphere, digital percussion and electronics. Featuring the voice of Kendall Flores the Dream is a combination of neo-classical, minimilasim, and experimental synth rock.

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